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The Thunderbolt Black wiki is a collaborative website about the Play By E-mail Role-Playing Game 'Thunderbolt Black' that anyone can edit!

Thunderbolt Black[edit | edit source]

Thunderbolt Black is a role-playing game with furry/anthropomorphic animal characters, set in a world after a third world war, where mega-corporations are rising to power, and mercenaries are becoming the dominant military force.

As the shattered world is picking itself up off of it's feet, and embracing the changes in high-technology, society, politics, and culture, a fighter squadron in one of the largest, and well known, mercenary companies - Thunderbolt Black - are drawn into a world of shadowy intrigue, high-tech and high-danger action and adventure tied into their own pasts - and futures - with the gigantic megacorporation 'MultiCorp'.

This wiki contains details on the characters, plots, and setting of the game, as well as some real-world information on the game as well.

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Rules and Guidelines[edit | edit source]

As standard, all the normal rules also apply here -

  • Please do not create pages for the game worlds' history that reference dozens of events you've just made up without consulting the GM or other players first - there are discussion pages for such things, and there may be specific events people want to place. If it's been discussed amongst everyone previously, or is part of your characters' background as it has been established, then please go ahead - but it may be edited later, for consistency purposes, and to stop things be contradictory.
  • Do not edit other players' pages without their permission (unless it is to correct grammar, spelling, etc), and don't write false information about characters' backgrounds and such.
  • Goes without saying, but only upload self-created, public domain, or stock images - do not use copyrighted images. Any image on Wikipedia is a common licence image, for example.
  • Register an account (it's free, and only takes a few minutes) when editing any of the public pages (i.e., not your character), and please write a summary of your edits at the bottom of the page, in the 'edited by' bar.
  • Do not feed the drama llama
  • Do not feed the trolls
  • If you have a dispute with an article, please put it in the discussion page for that article.
  • Don't bloat the wiki with frivolous or unimportant pages. Only fully completed plots and storylines need pages.

And finally, remember that all editing and control ultimately rests with the GMs. We won't strangle your creativity - but we will act as final word of god when we believe it's appropriate and necessary to promote fairness and consistency among players and in the game. Remember that the wiki is to act as a form of reference for the players, and for anyone who might want to join, or even just find out more about Thunderbolt Black. The community will decide which pages are relevant and need their own pages, and are subjects for deletion or merging.

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